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Educational materials are often an essential part of Campaign Coalition projects. We liken these experiences to walking a tightrope - in that we must create compelling age-appropriate materials that resonate with our target audience while meeting specific client objectives and satisfying the diverse curriculum guidelines of virtually every school district in America, and perhaps most importantly, will be embraced by busy teachers with very full plates whose performance is most often measured by the test scores of their students, not by whether or not they use our materials.

Education We understand the challenges of effectively distributing and communicating to the K-12 educational market. Whether you are looking for something as basic as a Teacher's Edition or Lesson Plans to accompany a core communications piece or something as complex as a national communications campaign, give us a call. We've done them both--and most everything in-between. It's a complex market we truly understand. And a tightrope we walk well.

Case Study (for elementary schools): "Watt's On Your Mind"
Case Study (for middle schools): GET A LIFE! ...of character
Case Study (for high schools): GeeBIZ! Business Intelligence for Students

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